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PAS 2035 is a specification for the ‘whole-house’ or ‘whole building’ retrofit.  This is an approach to the installation of Energy Efficiency Measures which takes into account the requirement of the entire building, both from a technical standpoint and considering factors like occupancy comfort. Along with an updated specification for the design of low-carbon measures, any social landlord drawing on government energy funding must adhere to these specifications.

From 30th June 2021, compliance with PAS 2035 (and PAS 2030) is mandatory for all organisations installing Energy Efficiency Measures, including domestic retrofit.

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We appreciate that undertaking projects complying with PAS2035 is challenging for a number of reasons, especially if it’s a new area of development or investment, and many RSLs are asking for additional support.

Although the overarching ambition of the standard is welcomed by all, it can slow down projects and potentially generate higher costs than anticipated at the outset. Additionally, the current market shortage of experts and qualified installers make the open market somewhat unpredictable.

This new standard aims to prevent upgrades and installations from being poorly designed, inadequate or installed unnecessarily. At a time when the cost of living and fuel costs are so important, these new standards should improve the property's overall technical design and the tenant’s well-being and perspective.



SPA offers an extensive range of procurement solutions enabling partner organisations to procure works and services that cover the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of social housing and public buildings. 

SPA have procurement solutions focussed on energy consultation and installation. Our Energy Efficiency Consultancy (N8C) framework provides access to energy specialists that can deliver a range of services including:

  • Building Energy Management
  • Building Energy Certificates
  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Project Specification

The Energy Efficiency Measures & Associated Works framework (N8) allows members to source specialist suppliers for the installation of 21 energy efficiency measures and associated works.

Fully compliant, the frameworks are suitable for low, medium, and high-rise housing schemes, schools and colleges and all other types of public sector buildings.



In addition to providing solutions to compliant routes to market, we offer several added value services including


Our frameworks also provide

  • A choice of either Direct Award or Further Mini-Competition
  • The flexibility of using your choice of contract
  • Ongoing financial and performance checks on all contractors


As well as being a compliant, trusted route to market for our members, SPA is also a not-for-profit organisation with a strong focus on giving back to communities across Scotland.


If you would like assistance or to discuss any of the above, please get in touch with us.

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