Our Purpose

Working together to deliver better buildings, homes and communities.

SPA is part of the LHC Procurement Group, which has been supporting public sector organisations with technical procurement for over 50 years.

After consultation with a range of stakeholders, the Scottish Procurement Alliance was formed and officially launched in March 2016. SPA is now the largest, free-to-join procurement organisation representing over 100 public sector organisations throughout Scotland, ranging from small Co-operatives, to regional and national RSL’s and Local Authorities.

Utilising intelligent procurement solutions can offer more than just competitive pricing. SPA works with its partners and supply chain to promote the delivery of tangible benefits through all projects procured through SPA frameworks. This ensures that benefit is not only enjoyed by those directly involved, but a positive impact is made to the wider community. Promotion of a positive social legacy is fundamental to everything we do at SPA.

Our Values

How we operate at SPA is shaped by our values.

Our values, upholding excellence through:
-- Integrity, Respect, Trust and Transparency
-- Knowledge and Professional Experience
-- Being Flexible, Adaptable and Creative
-- Employing, developing and maintaining committed teams of happy and healthy employees

Top 5 reasons to choose SPA


A local, Scottish approach

SPA was set up in 2016 to address Scottish needs, standards and aspirations for public sector procurement. Since then, SPA has established itself in the Scottish public sector as a trusted procurement provider and continues to innovate and grow.


Unique added value service

In addition to providing high-quality technical procurement solutions for its Partners, the SPA team provide project, marketing, technical and procurement support from project conception to completion. SPA Partners who meet a certain threshold for projects are eligible for a rebate at the end of each financial year. Since SPA’s inception, our partners have received over £3.1m through our rebates.


Supported by 50+ years of procurement and technical experience

SPA are part of the LHC Group who began half a century ago and over five decades have developed and shaped their service to meet the evolving needs of the public sector. Our technical expertise is built on continuous research by our team who consult with our partners, on the outcomes they need, industry experts, and suppliers, on the range of available solutions.


Enhanced social value in Scottish communities

Our ultimate goal is helping our partners deliver better outcomes for the communities they serve. We support this goal through our frameworks, that address every aspect of quality, to future-proof their projects and through our selection of the most appropriate suppliers.


Fast, efficient and compliant procurement

Once SPA Appointed Companies have been approved for inclusion on a SPA framework, the process of calling-off projects and commissioning work is straightforward and flexible. Terms and rates have been pre-agreed and when competition is required, there is flexibility in the call off methods available. Upon successful confirmation, projects can start as soon as required.

Community benefit funds

As a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus generated during the financial year is re-distributed back to eligible partners. We work in partnership with Lintel Trust who manage our Community Benefit Fund and support our Executive Board in their delivery of community projects through the fund.

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Working at SPA

Interested in joining the team?

The people at SPA all share something in common: incredible talent, drive and a desire to positively contribute to the improvement of Scottish communities. Together we are committed to driving social value and improve Scottish communities for this generation and the next through better buildings, homes and beyond.

We do this by hiring the best talent and by encouraging innovation.


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Working together with our Partners

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