SPA launches new, free of charge call-off service

After a successful pilot, Scottish Procurement Alliance (SPA) is today launching a new, free of charge call-off service for its public sector partners. The service simplifies the procurement process for SPA partners by providing a collaborative sharing of resources that frees up time and resource.


The service has been launched on a selection of frameworks in response to a demand from SPA’s public sector partners. It is the only framework provider to openly offer such a service free of charge in Scotland.


In providing the service, SPA works closely with its partners to provide guidance and support from the moment they register a project to the time when the contract is awarded – and beyond. The service can also be tailored to meet the needs of each individual partner.


The call-off service has already been successfully piloted with nine partners across Scotland. One of these is Manor Estates Housing Association, which owns and manages around 1000 social and 80 mid–market rent properties across Edinburgh. Property Services Director Amanda Hay described her experience of working with SPA as ‘slick and pain-free’:


“SPA helped us formulate our tender documents and load them onto the Public Contracts Scotland portal,” she explained. “They fielded questions from bidders, analysed submissions and structured both the contract award and notifications to unsuccessful bidders. 


“After an initial meeting to scope the projects and set up timelines for each stage, everything else was handled through virtual meetings and via email.  All in all, the process was slick and pain free, and we would definitely look to run procure further projects with the SPA team.”


SPA Director Clive Feeney said: “Scotland’s ambitious housing targets mean that the pressure on public sector organisations to find greater efficiencies and cost savings in their procurement processes has never been greater.


“Using our call-off service, in which they have ready access to carefully vetted suppliers - all of whom are compliant with public sector procurement regulations – a crucial part of the process has already been done for them, he added.


“We expect the service to be particularly welcomed by our partners without a procurement department or for those who have limited resources for procurement.”


The call-off service will initially be offered on a selection of SPA frameworks, including:

  • Consultancy (H1 WS1)
  • Whole House Framework and DPS (WH2)
  • Fire Safety (FS1)
  • Asbestos (AS2)
  • Vacant Property (V7)
  • Kitchen Units and Worktops (K6)
  • Energy Efficiency Consultancy (N8C)
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