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My background is in Corporate Responsibility and I have worked with many organisations struggling to engage SME’s and their local supply chain. As a Client Support Manager for SPA, I see our partner organisations struggle with the same issues and I am delighted to be able to offer our DPS as a solution.


Our Whole House - Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has 6 workstreams:  

  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Heating
  • Multi-Disciplinary


It can cater for almost any domestic type project, from aerial installations to major void refurbishments, enabling local business growth and development. The DPS is a result of client engagement and feedback. Our Partners wanted the ability and flexibility to use local and SME contractors and our innovative DPS was created to serve this.


Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are relatively new to public sector procurement, but they offer great benefits to your organisation. Here is an insight into my work supporting our clients in utilising the DPS.


I have had the pleasure of overseeing many projects awarded and delivered via the DPS and it always starts with an organisation’s need for refurbishment and maintenance works that can be covered in our Whole House offering. While being aware of both an organisation’s procurement and socio-economic strategy, I assess to see if the DPS can be identified as the best solution.


After that, we will move to look at the suitable suppliers signed up to the DPS already or to discuss the suppliers you would like to have. If a supplier is not signed up, I then work with our technical team to approach them, assist them in their application, and ensure they are compliant.


If successful and added to the DPS they can bid for work and projects will quickly get underway. I strongly urge partners to engage with their local supply chain and SPA as early as possible. Early discussions allow for us to proactively register suppliers and have them readily available for all your future projects.


We have many support documents for both Partners and Contractors wishing to apply, on our website and also explain in more detail on our YouTube channel.


Our DPS allows suppliers to join at any time, making it much more welcoming to SME’s and innovative ideas than a typical 4-year framework. It responds to a fast-moving marketplace and can allow suppliers quick access so they could be compliantly bidding for work within 2 weeks.

Our Whole House DPS makes procuring your projects quickly while ensuring compliance easy. With our host of added value services, including a free-of-charge call off service, SPA provide the intelligent procurement solutions your organisation needs at every step of the way.


Alistair Rankine


Client Support Manager




T: 07572 006 899


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