Consultants named for £30m public sector consultancy services framework

Winning consultancies have been named for a Britain-wide £30m framework to help support new build, refurbishment and retrofit of public sector buildings and homes.

The companies have been awarded places on not-for-profit public sector construction framework provider LHC Procurement Group’s (LHC) Consultancy Services (CS1) framework, now available to use until May 2027 across Scotland.

As well as large and medium-sized consultancies, the 59 appointed companies across 21 lots are comprised of around 80% SMEs, and between 35% and 60% in each lot are micro and small companies. This is to increase public sector access to SME expertise and support regional and local growth.

The wider framework offers access to health, safety and environmental consultants, construction planning, management and design, civil and structural engineering, architectural expertise, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, and asset management.


Dean Fazackerley, head of technical procurement, said:

“It is fantastic to be announcing the successful companies to our new Consultancy Services Framework, which includes a mix of larger companies and SMEs offering building and landscape architectural expertise. The framework arrives as a result of thorough engagement with public sector procurement teams who said they were looking for access to a wide range of specialist expertise under one framework, from initial design, to build, and asset management and maintenance.

“One of our guiding principles at LHC is to increase the public sector’s access to regional and local supply chains, encouraging SME involvement and driving economic uplift to regional areas. The fact that a large majority of the consultancies appointed are SMEs is testament to our commitment to this principle, and we hope the wide range of companies appointed to CS1 will help to achieve that.”


The framework is split into four workstreams: professional construction management and design services; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, asset management; and environmental services.

CS1 replaces SPA’s current Housing (H1 WS1) Framework and is valued at £10m across England, Wales and Scotland respectively. 


The full CS1 workstreams and associated services are:      


Workstream 1: professional

Architectural services (buildings)

Architectural services (landscaping)

Construction project management and administration

Construction contract administration

Employers’ agent

Planning services

Master planning

Principal designer

Civil and structural engineering

Clerk of works

Building surveyor

Quality surveyor

Stock appraisals (valuations)

Stock condition surveys



Workstream 2: mechanical, electrical and plumbing

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing

Building services engineer (HVAC)


Workstream 3: asset management

EPC assessments

Retrofit consultancy (PAS2036/PAS2038)

Digital coordinator


Workstream 4: environmental

Health and safety advisor/consultant


The CS1 framework runs until May 2027.

For more information, visit the framework page here.

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