Second wave of Community Benefit Fund projects underway

Our Community Benefit Fund has entered its second wave of projects that are being delivered by out Founder Partners with support from Lintel Trust. Our Founder Partners have been able to source match funding of over £75,000 so far, with Lintel Trust's support, in addition to the £130,000 from the fund.

Through the fund, our Founder Partners have undertaken a wide range of superb, meaningful projects. The impact of the first wave of projects has been wide reaching and significant on communities throughout the country. Read more about each project in our Annual Report 2017/18

We are happy to announce the following projects are currently underway in the second wave:

  • Welcome to Hawthorn
  • Linstone Community Support
  • Equal Voices
  • Tackling Holiday Hunger
  • Environmental Roots
  • Gas Infill Project - Phase 2
  • Switching on Digital Services
  • Modern Apprentice - Gas Service Engineering, Carpentry and Joinery
  • Click Zone
  • Traveller Community Hub
  • Crisis Fund for Shared Apprenticeship Scheme

Welcome to Hawthorn - Hawthorn Housing Co-Operative

Hawthorn Housing Co-Operative accessed their funding in August 2019 to launch the 'Welcome to Hawthorn' project. They are welcoming their largest influx of new tenants into 48 new homes and this project aims to ensure their successful integration into the community.

Linstone Community Support - Linstone Housing Association

Linstone's Community Support programme is an overarching project to support a wide range of tenants ranging from paid work experience to intergenerational community video production.

Equal Voices - Perth & Kinross Council

This project started in 2017 with the first wave of the fund and due to its immense success, Perth & Kinross Council have decided to expand it. Equal Voices aims to encourage different equality protected communities to work together to share digital learning, skills, knowledge and maximise intergenerational activities.

Tackling Holiday Hunger - South Ayrshire Council

First introduced as a pilot project through the first wave of the SPA fund, South Ayrshire have continued the programme and are extending it to include additional areas. These areas have been identified as being in the worst 5% and 15% of deprivation in the whole of Scotland. In addition to nutritionally balanced packed lunches for each child, the project provides a number of holiday activities.

Environmental Roots - Wheatley Group

Environmental Roots is a 4 week pre-appenticeship programme aimed at 16-19 year olds requiring additional support to successfully secure a Modern Apprenticeship opportunity. The programme includes recognised qualification and PPE with the aim to have a 90% success rate.

Gas Infill Project Phase 2 - River Clyde Homes

Fuel Poverty and financial exclusion is a significant problem in Inverclyde. River Clyde Homes aim to provide relief to these issues with their gas infill project in the area. This project is now in phase 2, the highly successful phase 2 was delivered through the first wave of the SPA fund. Phase 2 includes impartial advice, digital support, budget planning, access to warm home discounts, hardship funds, referral to support partners for tenants.

Switching on Digital Services - Cairn

Cairn has developed a number of online services for tenants over the past year, partially funded by last year's fund. The project came about as a result of their commitment to 'Our Digital Futures' strategy. This year's funding will be used to produced a series of informational videos signposting tenants to online services.

Modern Apprentice - Clyde Valley Housing Association

Clyde Valley Housing Association is supporting a 3 year modern apprenticeship in Gas Service Engineering, Carpentry and Joinery. They are collaborating with the community through local schools and contractors to provide local employment opportunities.

Click Zone - Paisley Housing Association

Paisley Housing Association are focussing this year's project on digital participation and skills building for tenants and the wider community.

Traveller Community Hub - South Lanarkshire Council

South Lanarkshire Council are using their portion of the SPA fund to drive digital participation and social inclusion for two traveller sites through a community hub. The project will provide: hardware, internet access, training opportunities, social event support and a modular unit for delivery.

Crisis Fund for Shared Apprenticeship Scheme - Dundee City & Angus Council

Through their first project, Dundee City and Angus Council identified the need for a provision of a crisis fund for apprentices to ensure they can keep up with their programmes. This will be especially beneficial to apprentices from rural areas with few transport links.

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