Russell Walk: Offsite Construction of New Homes

Location: North Berwick, East Lothian

SPA Partner: East Lothian Council

SPA Appointed Company: Hart Builders Ltd


Expanding affordable housing provision

In 2016, Hart Builders – a subsidiary of the Cruden Group - was appointed to build 13 two storey house, a wheelchair bungalow, and four flats on Russell Walk in North Berwick. This project’s aim was to help expand the provision of affordable housing in North Berwick.

Hart Builders were appointed to the £2.17M contract through SPA’s Offsite Construction of New Homes Framework. They put forward a timber kit solution that could support a quick start, overcome the challenge of constricted site access, and reduce the impact of construction on neighbours. Hart’s detailed understanding of the site and East Lothian Council’s needs ensure project efficiencies were achieved.


Seamless design and build

Russell Walk was a windfall site, which East Lothian Council secured through a S75 agreement with CALA Homes. CALA were responsible for obtaining planning consent, road construction consent and Scottish Water technical consent for the masterplan, including the 18 affordable units. This approach supported tenure blind design with affordable housing blending seamlessly into executive housing for sale.

Hart worked closely with the timber Kit Manufacturers – Walker Timber – to ensure the timber kits were fully aligned with the overarching masterplan. The design of the affordable housing and share palette of materials has successfully deliver a tenure blind development, which was a key aim of the project.


Timescale and location benefits

East Lothian Council was keen to achieve a quick start on site to assist with spending commitments. Hart’s partnership with Walker Timber on the design and manufacture of the timber kit, reduced the lead time from procurement to the factory-made kit of parts being delivered to site.

Russell Walk affordable housing was the last phase of a larger development for sale and had to be built on a constricted site with neighbours already in situ. The use of timber kit construction enabled efficient erection, minimising the impact of site noise, traffic, and dust on neighbours.


“Hart has significant experience of timber kit construction. We work in close collaboration with manufacturing partners, to select an appropriate level of pre-fabricate, which facilitates work in a highly constricted environment and minimises disruption to surrounding neighbours.” - Gill Henry, Business Development Director, Hart Builders Ltd


SPA’s NH1 Framework has been successfully renewed as NH2 Offsite Construction of New Homes Framework, which is valid until April 2023.

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