A Journey to Improved Delivery

Despite now being well into my career, I still feel that construction gets overlooked as an industry for the immense value it brings into all our lives. Indeed, without the built environment, what would we have?

For the millions of people who interact and are employed with the construction industry, my biggest fear is that we continue to see an industry that remains focussed on a race to the bottom where poor behaviour and an adversarial approach persists and seen as the key tools to drive unsustainability. In my experience these approaches serve only to work against how people naturally want to work and thrive together, much more can be done where everyone wins.

It is to this end that we are incredibly proud to again be working with SPA and their regional businesses on the MB2 framework. The MB2 follows delivery of the successful MB1 framework, and I spent this week reflecting on the projects delivered by M-AR and the wider appointed businesses during the MB1 term. It is clear to see the value created for clients around the U.K, and the foundation now established to spring the MB2 to improved delivery.

For our business, the ability to engage with clients early delivers incredible benefit for their projects. As a business we are focussed on delivering amazing solutions first, so really engaging to discuss challenges with our clients comes before any prescription of the right building methodology. The SPA support dovetails well into this approach, as they work hard to translate between their Partners and Appointed Companies language and, all importantly, ensure that all necessary procurement requirements are handled sensitively and compliantly.

Today, I have never known the industry in its current state of flux! There remains a significant appetite for projects from clients, but this is marred by an acute lack of resources including key tradespeople and material shortages. Never have we seen urgency to secure resources throughout the supply chain or price fluctuation.

Our business excels in turnkey, design and build solutions and we are incredibly agile to meet client needs, supported by a wide supply chain network who think just like us! Behind our agility is a clearly defined strategy and expertise that ensures delivery. We have invested heavily in improving our delivery and finding new products and services that complement our core offering. Our first low carbon homes and offices were delivered in 2020 and are great additions to our client’s portfolios.

We took possession of our new factory in Summer 2020, and it is really hitting its stride. Our clients are benefitting through our increased capacity and lower cost base because of our increased output, whereas our team are revelling in the new facilities and how more efficient they can be in their work …. win-win!

I am pleased to share that a record number of our projects this year are now shortlisted for industry awards. These projects all share a common theme of a people first and collaborative approach we are proud of, and our clients love!

SPA and M-AR are very much open for business, and we are incredibly excited to be working with the MB2 and NH2 frameworks. I look forward to meeting you all and hope we can work together soon!

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