Introduction to Framework

SPA's framework for Offsite Construction of New Homes (NH2) is for the delivery of housing, apartments, multi-occupancy buildings including care homes, sheltered accommodation and student accommodation. Where a project is a mixed development of residential and commercial buildings or schools and community buildings, the framework may also be used to deliver the non-residential element.

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This framework is split into four workstreams with options to provide services under each workstream. All workstreams operate independently of one another.

Workstream 1 - MMC Category 1

Volumetric building systems are factory produced three dimensional units that are transported to site for fixing together.

Workstream 2 - MMC Category 2

Panelised building systems are factory produced flat panel units that are transported to site for assembly.

Workstream 3 - MMC Category 1/2

Highrise systems - enhanced.

Workstream 4 - MMC Category 1/2

Turnkey delivery of offsite systems.

Appointed Companies for NH2

-- CCG Scotland
-- Hadden Group
-- Ilke Homes

-- ISO Spaces
-- Module AR
-- Zed Pods

Scottish Procurement Regulations compliant framework for offsite construction

Fully compliant, it provides local authorities, housing associations and other social landlords with easy access to offsite manufactured volumetric, panelised, highrise and turnkey building systems for the use in new home build projects.

The framework includes the option of a turnkey solution including design, manufacture, supply, installation and construction services. Alternatively, a supply and erection service is available. Suppliers on the framework have developed standard house types which help clients avoid design issues and save time and money, as the houses already comply with Building Regulations, the Housing Quality Index (HQI) and funding authority requirements.

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This framework is valid until 30th April 2023

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