These are the key reasons to work with SPA, whether you’re a public sector organisation looking for procurement solutions, or a supplier with products or services to provide.


Active partnerships

Every partner can contribute to the frameworks SPA creates. They can ensure the requirements and specifications meet the needs of local communities and Scottish quality, price and value standards


Better procurement

The sharing of knowledge will drive both the precision and usability of frameworks, while at the same time enabling each partner to grow their insights into better procurement for social housing and public buildings, and develop effective strategies that meet regulatory requirements 


Generating a collective fund

By using SPA frameworks for purchasing, partners within the alliance who spend over a specified threshold will receive a rebate which they can choose to contribute to The SPA Collective Fund for investment in community projects of shared benefit. Alternatively, some or all of the rebate can be returned to the individual partner to support their own sustainable procurement strategy


Backed by LHC

With a history that extends back half a century, LHC is one of the most experienced and respected providers of procurement frameworks in the construction sector. As a not-for-profit organisation it shares an ethos with the clients it supports with procurements services. LHC will produce, house and manage the frameworks initiated by SPA partners, giving direct access to a tried and tested system that ensures compliance, quality and best value for partners, at the same time as enabling frameworks entirely shaped for Scottish requirements.


Free Membership

Joining the SPA is free for any organisation that is fully or part publicly funded.


Participation in the SPA enables partner organisations to initiate and shape the frameworks they need to meet their local community and organisational goals.


Joining the SPA is free for any organisation that is fully or part publicly funded. Join today to access industry leading Scottish frameworks.
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SPA partners will have direct access to procurement experts and consultants to ensure optimum performance on all projects