Missed the Procurement Training the First Time? No Problem – Book Again Now!

SPA and SFHA be re-running some of our free procurement training. The training will be led by Dougie Gold, the SFHA Procurement Advisor, and will take place in various locations throughout Scotland - including for the first time in the Borders!

This block of training courses will cover an Introduction to Procurement (ESPD, Quick Quotes & Contract Notices), ESPD Electronic Module, ESPD Scoring Stage 2 and Price/Quality Assessments. Like the last time, it will take place in Glasgow, Livingston, Dundee and Aberdeen and, new to this block, training will also take place in the Borders!

Morning sessions will take place from 9.30am until 12.30pm with registration commencing at 9.15am and afternoon sessions will take place from 1.30pm until 4.30pm with registration commencing at 1.15pm.

Below is the full list of upcoming sessions:

Introduction to Procurement  15 Feb Glasgow
Introduction to Procurement  19 Feb Dundee
Introduction to Procurement  26 Feb SPA Offices, Livingston
Introduction to Procurement  12 March Aberdeen
Introduction to Procurement  19 March Selkirk
ESPD Electronic Module  15 Feb Glasgow
ESPD Electronic Module  19 Feb Dundee
ESPD Electronic Module  26 Feb SPA Offices, Livingston
ESPD Electronic Module  12 March Aberdeen
ESPD Electronic Module  19 March Selkirk
ESPD Scoring Stage 2  8 March Glasgow
ESPD Scoring Stage 2  20 Feb Dundee
ESPD Scoring Stage 2  27 Feb SPA Offices, Livingston
ESPD Scoring Stage 2  13 March Aberdeen
ESPD Scoring Stage 2  20 March Selkirk
Price/Quality Assessments  8 March Glasgow
Price/Quality Assessments  20 Feb Dundee
Price/Quality Assessments  27 Feb SPA Offices, Livingston
Price/Quality Assessments 13 March Aberdeen
Price/Quality Assessments 20 March Selkirk


This training is FREE to attend and is exclusive to SFHA & SPA members only. For full details on what the training includes, and to secure a place, please visit www.sfha.co.uk/whats-on then click the training tab at the top of the page

Places are limited so don’t hesitate booking your spot!