Introduction to Framework

Our Fire Safety Frameworks take into account the conclusions of the Hackett & Knight reports and Paul Stollard’s Scottish Consultation document and interim guidance that followed the tragic Grenfell fire to provide a comprehensive range of fire safety procurement solutions.

The framework comprises a suite of specialist fire safety services to existing domestic and non domestic buildings and is split into two frameworks: FS1-C Fire Consultancy and Risk Assessors and FS1-P Passive Fire Protection.

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FS1-C Workstreams

FS1-C Workstream 1

Fire Engineering & Safety Managers for any fire safety requirements and events

FS1-C Workstream 2a

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Domestic Areas including Residential

FS1-C Workstream 2b

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) Non Domestic Public Buildings/Commercial Building

Appointed Companies for FS1-C

-- FCS-Live
-- Oakleaf Surveying
-- Riskmonitor


-- Turner & Townsend Project Management


About FS1-C:

FS1-C will assist our partners in their fire safety strategy and
principle design responsibilities to their existing buildings and surrounding areas plus the management of these including refurbishment works and construction projects.

The selected suppliers (Appointed Companies) have been appointed due to their experience in undertaking the specific task (Workstream), to public sector buildings ranging from general housing to more complex multi-tenanted residential and/or non-residential properties.

Appointed Companies for FS1-P

-- Checkmate Fire Solutions
-- CLC Contractors
-- Global HSE Solutions


-- Novus Property Solutions
-- Openview Security Solutions


About FS1-P:

FS1-P will assist our partners in managing their buildings and environments as occupiers or landlords in the provision of life safety, property, environmental and asset protection.

The selected suppliers (Appointed Companies) shall take the advice from a fire risk assessment, other report or through their own investigation and provide written and costed solutions.

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This framework is valid until 31st March 2024

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