Introduction to Framework

AS2 is the second version of our Asbestos Framework and is part of the SPA Compliance set of frameworks, which includes Fire, Asbestos and Gas services.

All services and works are undertaken following the very specific control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

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Workstream 1a - Domestic


Workstream 1b - Commercial

LARC (Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors)

Workstream 2a - Domestic

LARC (Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors)

Workstream 2b - Commercial

Appointed Companies for AS2

-- ACS Physical Risk Control
-- Carymar Construction Services
-- Chamic Industrial Services
-- E.D.P. Health, Safety and Environment Consultants
-- Enviraz (Scotland)
-- Environmental Essentials


-- Environtec
-- Erith Contractors
-- Life Environmental Services
-- Lucion Environmental
-- Northern Asbestos Services
-- Vega Environmental Consultants


This framework is available for all types of public buildings including:


  • Single occupier and multiple occupier dwellings – houses, flats and residential
  • Common areas of residential blocks
  • Low, medium and high-rise residential homes including those with vulnerable persons
  • Common areas in other areas such as garages and loft spaces


  • Managed Residential Blocks, care homes and sheltered accommodation
  • Commercial offices buildings, central or local housing team offices
  • Municipal buildings such as libraries, sports halls, museums halls and day care centres
  • Other public buildings such as conference centres and other commercial buildings
  • Educational buildings such as universities, schools and colleges
  • Research establishments
  • Hospitals/hospital-related properties, Health centres and GP surgeries
  • Blue light Buildings

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This framework is valid until August 2023

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