Introduction to Framework

The Scottish Government has set the Scottish Housing Sector the ambitious target of delivering 50,000 new homes of which 35,000 are to be affordable housing by 2021, with a large number of these homes to be delivered through the AHSP (Affordable Housing Supply Programme).

To support its partners who are planning to develop housing as part of this initiative, SPA’s new House Building and Consultancy Framework has been designed to address many of the challenges developing authorities will face.

Procurement guide - PDF

The Service provision offered through our Consultancy Framework covers the full range of RIBA stages 0-7 to support building projects from site find, survey and feasibility through to design, project management and completion.

This framework is suitable for use by all publicly funded bodies throughout Scotland, the framework will is fully compliant with all Scottish and UK Public Procurement regulations.

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This framework is valid until 31st December 2023

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