AS2S is the second version of our Asbestos Framework and is part of the SPA Compliance set of frameworks, which includes Fire, Legionella, Asbestos and Gas.

All services and works are undertaken following the very specific regulation Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. This is accompanied by clear guidance stated in:

  • HSG 264 - Asbestos: The Survey Guide
  • HSG 247 - Analyst Guide
  • HSG 248 - Asbestos: The Licensed Contractors' Guide



Workstream 1a - Domestic

Workstream 1b - Commercial

Consultant services - Advice and Gap analysis of your Asbestos Policy.

Asbestos Management Plans/Asset Registers.

Survey Types:

  • Management
  • Refurbishment
  • Re-inspection
  • Void (multi-quick turnaround)
  • Demolition

Analytical Works

  • 4 stage clearance
  • Asbestos air testing
  • Asbestos sample testing


LARC (Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors)

Workstream 2a - Domestic

Workstream 2b - Commercial

Removals types

  • Licensed
  • Non-licensed

Types of work

  • Ad-hoc to support maintenance functions
  • Planned maintainance programmes

Analytical Works (supplier by independent company)

  • 4 stage clearance
  • Asbestos air testing
  • Asbestos sample testing


Valid until: August 2022.


Asbestos Services

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